Behind-the-Scenes w/amazing crews!

Southhampton location - interior of this house tho was stuck in the 80's

Carolina on set in NYC Aloft Studios.

My first bearded model - Kyle from Whilemina!!! Ground-breaking!! Ben T. on hair

Fabulose amazing house on location in Montauk! Really turn-key. Gorg!

Food stylist gettin' nerdy and scientific!

Last minute call - Yanni to the rescue SOS!

No filter, makeup anything needed for this Dominican beauty!

On-set at Torkil's house in East Hampton - gorg - MCM dream

Torkil, doing a disappearing act. Jeanie Syfu in the background.

#creatives #onlocation #stylists #creativedirector #photoshoots #behindthescenes #style

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